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CAN someone in the know please explain why the rugby league goalposts at Maryland’s Bill Elliott oval were removed, and when (or if) they will be returned? The AFL ones across the road are still there. The season must be due to begin soon, and I assume the Wallsend-Maryland Tigers still exist, and are still intending to play there?
Nanjing Night Net

Jan Caine,MarylandI WAS talking to a mate the other day and I said, they reckon that “taking Sunday penalty rates off hospitality workers did not create any jobs at all”. His reply was “I don’t know about that but the coffee price certainly didn’t come down”. So now I ask what and who were the winners in that exercise?

Fred McInerney, KaruahTHE council wants tourism in Newcastle when at Nobbys beach the seats are very dirty, soft drink spilled over seats and tables; ice cream, ice blocks all over the seats and tables; sticky mess very uncomfortable to sit down. Council supplies the seating and tables, how about the council clean the place? It will help tourism and the general public. Nice place, but dirty.

Alan Ackroyd,HamiltonBILL, Bill, Bill all you have to do is shut up and you’ll win the next election by a mile. Bad enough the last Labor government pushed back my retirement age by two years and you want to abolish negative gearing, which will lower the price of my home, making it harder to get into an over 60’s village. Now you want to abolish tax credits on my very modest share portfolio, which I had hoped would supplement my pension and cover a few crafties each week.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthSTREWTH Jeff Corbett (‘Driving rest of us crazy’, Herald,10/3), you had better pack the van and take off to my home town of Hat Head. I know you like the joint despite the barnacle-encrusted old yokels and a 40km/h speed limit.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayGIVE poor old Jeff Corbett a break. His mostly tongue in cheek articles are hilarious, and he is only giving voice to what most people think anyway. Keep it up Jeff. The wowsers need to take a chill pill!

Tony Morley,WaratahTO Ross Edmonds of Waratah (Letters, 14/3):whilst I do find it irritating that it seems to take a while for the queue of cars to move when the light goes green, I’m happy to take all day in my Honda Prelude to get to where I’m going. The tailgaters can just go around me; that’s what the accelerator is for. And with four-wheel steering, my ‘89 model car is sure to get a 90 degree angle park right every time, the first time.

Bryn Roberts,New LambtonREGARDING beating the big end of town, Darryl Tuckwell, (Short Takes, 14/3). Rugby league runs 26 weeks until the pointy end of it starts. Don’t start doing cartwheels yet, there’s a long way to go, another 25 rounds.

Gary Graham,Raymond TerraceTHE POLLSAREyou surprised bus patronage rose?

Yes 58.51%,No 41.49%

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