Short Takes: readers have their say on the day’s news

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IT’S sad to watch the current allegations regarding the abuse of power by the tax office against good honest people. Shame they do not investigate the internal problems with as much vigour.
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Sandy Buchanan,LargsPETER Devey (Short Takes, 11/4). Buzz buzz swat. Wipes sweat from brow after one of the hottest April’s on record. Yes climate change is real.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown,Cardiff HeightsI AM not for one minute making light of all the stories saturating the media of women coming forward claiming to have been “touched inappropriately” by men, especially men celebrities and men in high office like Donald Trump, for instance. But I often wonder why we never hear stories of men coming forward complaining they have been “touched inappropriately” by women. I wonder if this is because women never inappropriately touch men or if they ever do the men don’t have any problem with it.

Margaret Priest,WallsendI AGREE with Kerri Cottrill (Letters, 11/4) on plastic bag use.I’ve watched people putting fruit and veg in plastic bags many times and wondered why. And while on the subject of avocados, press the end to see if it’s ripe, then the next person won’t have to buy a bruised one.

Sue Fower,WaratahIN response to Colin Fordham (Short Takes, 9/4): who’s to say an opinion is not a fact or a fact is not an opinion? In my opinion the fact is, or the fact is in my opinion, that you have confused opinion with fact and fact with opinion this is just my opinion and a fact.

Brad Hill,SingletonCONTEMPLATING my navel when it crossed my mind, whatever happened to Rhonda and Ketut?

Cliff Rabbit,Nelson BayKURT Fearnley/Hunter Stadium Grandstand: Why hasn’t the western grandstand been named after Kurt Fearnley yet?Surely he deserves that recognition more than any other Novocastrian sportsperson. Arethe powers that be waiting for him to retire? Why?Just do it.

Matthew Ophir,CharlestownSO the state government is doing even more to screw our inner city over (‘Key workers get dibs on new units’, Herald, 10/4). Affordable housing on what should still be accessibility into our inner city, not the sad light rail being pushed on to us. The rabbit warren is to get even worse. Thanks Gladys, you just keep looking after Sydney and leave us alone.

Bruce Cook,AdamstownIT’S beginning to look like your employer wants to decide what you’re allowed to believe in or what you’re allowed to express your opinion on.

Garry Robinson,Mannering ParkTHE POLLSSHOULD Liddell power station be sold or closed down?

Sell it 32.35%,Close it 67.65%

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