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IT’S time to ditch Barnaby’s boondoggle Inland Rail Project and replace it with a privately-funded rail freight bypass of Sydney, by linking the Port of Newcastle with Port Kembla via Eastern Creek. Paid for by railing containers for the Sydney market (instead of trucking containers through Port Botany) this project will do more for Sydney-regional NSW than the inland boondoggle every would.
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Greg Cameron,WamboinTHURZA Snelson (Short Takes, 24/2), there was never going to be an Aldi in Merewether hence hardware store was gone and IGA moved in. Smoke and mirrors.

Michael Casey,MerewetherIT’S been 12 months since Housing NSW’swooden fence was erected at Hamilton South housing estate, and the update is that where these fences that cut off the paths were erected, all the palings have been kicked out. Wow! Like we didn’t see that coming! Honestly who makes these decisions? Money wasted.

Mark Sheerin,Hamilton SouthTHE federal government preach freedom of speech on one hand, while shutting down all scrutiny on the other. de-funding the national broadcaster, ordering federal police raids on union offices and now proposing draconian laws gagging charities and community groups. Thanks for keeping us safe from ‘the knitting nannas’ Mal.

Mac Maguire,CharlestownI THANK the community for not removing the ribbons I have placed on the fence at St Francis Xavier’sschool. This is my fifth attempt to let victims, survivors and relatives and friends of those who died because of sexual abuse by members of the church, that they will never be forgotten.

Patricia Garnet,Newcastle EastSTEVE Barnett (Short Takes, 24/2). Thank you for drawing greater attention to Get Up. I had to Google it. Unfortunately they must be doing too good a job, for the government to try and stifle them. As the saying goes: “Nobody ever kicks a dead dog”.

Colin Fordham,LambtonREGARDING Darryl Tuckwell (Letters, 28/2):Oh yes, Darryl’s wrong to insinuate present Liberals sold electricity when it was Labor government that sold Energy Australia. Both major parties have been guilty of selling off valuable assets that were the property of the people, neither can be trusted with our assets, no wonder voters are turning away from the two majors to minor parties and independents

Laurie Coghlan,JewellsCOME on all soccer fans,get behind our Newcastle Jets on Saturday and loudly cheer them on to a win against Sydney FC.The game, at McDonald Jones stadium, on Saturday at 5.30pm,will be a cracker especially if our boys can get a win.Please come out and support them.

Helen Hunstone,Cardiff SouthTHE POLLSSHOULD stricter rules be introduced for university residences?

Yes 87.12%,No 12.88%

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