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MICHAELIA Cash’s vulgar comments regarding the female public servants in Bill Shorten’s office are disgraceful and she should be ashamed of herself. I think Cash still has questions to answer over the media being tipped off by her office when the unfruitful AFP raids took place at the AWU. These matters coupled with her anti-worker, anti-union histrionics make her a national embarrassment. No wonder ordinary people despise politicians.
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John Lawton,BelmontREGARDING ‘New day for Glenrock’ (Newcastle Herald,2/3) – leave it alone. Next minute we’ll all be paying to ride on a commercial operated trail or sleep in a tent. Access will be deemed not suitable and changed thus becoming thedestruction of our last frontier for Novocastrians to explore. All these great ideas lately at the expense of public loss all for “ecotourism” aka crock of garbage. Nice way of saying development. As it is we can still visit, walk, ride and surf. Why change it?

Brendan MacKay,Warners BayNEWCASTLE radio music buffs, this week sees the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the 2KO Top 40. Number 1, Pat Boone’s April Love. Many of those tracks have become standards. 2KO announcers – Pat Barton (co-compiler), Ken Carroll, Matt Britt, Brian Newman, Bert Byrnes, John Laws – many music memories.

Jack Brown,TarroREGARDING Rod Morris’collision in the flags with some fiberglass (‘Wiped out in the flags’, Newcastle Herald,20/2): Most lifeguards would paddle out and have words with the assailant if they thought that they were riding waves through the flags on purpose. Albeit if they hadn’t heeded several warnings over the P.A to not surf through the flags. Just like you have to learn to crawl before you can walk … you have to be able to swim, paddle and get dumped before you can surf. I’m lucky there aren’t flags at Pogoz … often.

Bryn Roberts,New LambtonCAN someone please explain to me why the mardi gras is still taking place. I think there is no point having scantily-clad people parading down Sydney’s Oxford Street. Now an animal-lovers parade would, in my opinion, be fantastic spectacle – no horsing around.

Brad Hill,SingletonALL this talk about bike registrations and licence for the cyclist. I would gladly pay for it if I could use a whole lane where there are no cycle ways marked. Please remember there are good and bad drivers and riders everywhere. Do not tar everyone with the same brush.

Peter Rossetti,New LambtonSTEVE Barnett (Short Takes, 2/3): I don’t necessarily disagree with you. Interesting to see you avoided actually mentioning Get Up this time, so no free publicity.

Colin Fordham,LambtonTHE POLLSSHOULD submissions to the review of Newcastle’s lockout laws be made available to the public?

Yes 85.37%,No 7.32%,Don’t care 7.32%

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