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I TOTALLY agree with Jan Caine regarding Halloween (Letters, 1/11) and, whilst on the subject of commercialism, why do we need Christmas decorations in October? Surely December 1 would be soon enough?
Nanjing Night Net

Sue Fower,WaratahA SLEEP deprivation study showed 17 to 19 hours with no sleep is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.05. Yet I believe NSW emergency services are working 24-hour on duty shift rosters. Clearly this certainly is not the best and most efficient emergency services for the communities within NSW. Premier Berejiklian must explain why.

Name suppliedWELCOME back Jeff Corbett. I’ve missed you. The sad thing is that many of the current readers of your column misunderstand your wicked sense of humour and how much you have always enjoyed ‘stirring the pot’. Sadly we are living in a world where political correctness has stifled satire. Looking forward to your next column.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherTHE result of the most awesome display of dogged determination and self belief came to fruition on Saturday night at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. After turning down a scholarship to play baseball in America, a young Jason Doyle set his sights on being a professional Speedway rider. Sixteen years of relentless sacrifice, travel, competition, injuries and visa hassles were put behind him when he became the World Speedway Champion. Despite having 14 screws holding his right foot together, Doyle pulled on his boots and was merciless in destroying his opposition, wrapping up the title in round three and then going on to win the final from behind in emphatic style. Jason Doyle, take a bow, you’re a credit to your family and the sport of Speedway and you are a fine ambassador for our town and our nation, ‘Go Doyley’

Bub Phillips,BeresfieldTO John Butler (Short takes, 27/10): I may stand corrected but if my memory is correct the 18 “heritage” trees referred to removed on Carrington would be approx 25 years old. Most residents of my vintage could see no sense in growing trees on a main street. Their thoughts were proven correct when many of thesetrees caused problems as forecast, blocked drains, overflowing gutters, footpaths damaged and falls to the elderly and the unwary. On consultation with residents it was decided by council that trees more suitable will replace and enhance Mount Street and footpaths attended to. I can assure John Butler that innocence and beauty of the island has not been torn from its heart. It remaining embedded in the very bones of it to residents. Those most fortunate to reside here.

Neil Pitt,Carrington PAUL Nicol (Letters, 31/10) suggests that part of the rail corridor should be used for parking. Why not tar the lot and Supercars can race there too?

Lynne Jones,IslingtonTHE POLLSSHOULD food and drink be banned at the movies?

Yes 24.54%, No way 75.46%

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