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CONGRATULATIONS Mark Curry on your induction into the Australian Country Cricket Championship Hall of Fame. I have known “Prawns” for years and he is well deserving of this honour, not only in the way he plays cricket but the way he conducts himself off the field. A man in much the same mould as the late, great Dutchie Holland. Well done to those who bestowed this on Mark. Now all you have to do Mark is send me the $100 you said you would give me if I wrote something nice about you. Only joking. Well done.
Nanjing Night Net

Melville Brauer,GatesheadCAN you please stop printing the rude letters from Fingal Bay about people from Sydney? It is unedifying to read such nasty, petty comments and one couldn’t blame anyone for deciding to take holidays elsewhere in future if an area whose income depends heavily on tourism is so unwelcoming. While you’re at it, can you please ask the butcher and his correspondent/s to meet for coffee and a chat instead of subjecting us all to their pointless banter? Thank you.

Wendy Webb,BelmontREGARDING ‘Dirty Dip’ (Herald,11/1). We get into trouble at times relating to the “good old days”. Well they were when Peter Walmsley, along with his wife Janette, managed the baths. Pristine? Yes.

Ken Harvey,Warners BayJAMES Macaulay (Short Takes, 13/1), then why not have those services running to ideal, functional Newcastle station? The station could feature a part of its rich history. Just think of the choice for a vibrant hub that’s ready to go. Now that’s a gateway, for our peerless CBD that has raved about beaches and waterfront. Services can stop at Wickham.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkSO Premier Gladys Berejiklian ignores her own Treasury’s advice of tackling negative gearing and the generous capital gains reduction to improve housing affordability in NSW. In whose interest is she acting – the ordinary taxpayer’s or property developers’?

Susie Johnson,AdamstownRECENTLY I had an emergency visit to John Hunter Hospital. The treatment I received was exceptional from everyone . They mended my heart with professional care, always keeping me informed, making sure I understood procedures and with a sense of humour thrown into the mix. In short you saved my life and my family and I will be forever grateful. A heartfelt thank you!

Christine Galvin,Cardiff SouthIS James Macaulay (Short Takes, 13/1) seriously suggesting that there is a train “every 10 minutes” from Awaba to Wickham interchange? How about every hour (two hours on weekends)? If he had to attend a funeral at Christ Church Cathedral, further east, instead of Sacred Heart he might be less inclined to say “Newcastle is looking good” and “change for the better”.

Keith Parsons,NewcastleTHE POLLSWHICH one is scarier?

Spiders 40.32%,Snakes 26.34%,Sharks 21.51%,Other11.83%

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