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DON’T people realise that the Australian government cannot change the law about dual citizenship effects as it is in the Constitution and requires a referendum for such change?
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John Brattan, ThorntonIT’Snow clear that depriving 600 refugees of food, water, power and safety on Manus is deliberate. And we can’t get anything to them to help them. All attempts to give aid, even by a minister and by locals, are stopped by police and military. It is mass murder in cold blood. But once they are all dead, the government will have lost its political capital.

Niko Leka, MayfieldIFmy memory serves me correctly,when the Awabakal Land Council was givenpossession of the post office they made much fanfare regarding the cost ofdoing the old lady up. I think they claimed money would not be an issue andgrants would not be required. Something has gone terribly wrong or did theynot have any appreciation of the responsibility that goes with taking on a sitelike this?

Frank Carter,KahibahGREG Parrey, I agree with you, NIB have lost touch with average people (Short Takes, 7/11). I joined them as a 16-year-old when they were at BHP and they were called Newcastle Industrial Benefits, but I have since left too. All I have now is ambulance coverage.

Colin Geatches, MayfieldALLI have to say regarding Darryl Tuckwell’s comment (Short Takes, 8/11) on a witch hunt on unions is: “go get ’em, Malcolm”.

Tony Cooper, BelmontWITHall the drama and hyperbole surrounding the citizenship “scandal” that has enveloped Canberra, I have one question:“where is the alternate prime minister and what are his views on the matter?”Or is he purposely sitting back and quietly gloating over Malcolm’s misery? The intrigue, the drama, to be a federal politician in 2017.

David Barrow, MerewetherI THINKthe bus from MacDonald Jones stadium into Newcastle is a great idea (‘Free trial in bid to ease pressure on CBD, Newcastle Herald, 1/11). Now all we need is a bus back to John Hunter Hospital, this would be even better.

Colin Geatches, MayfieldTHE POLLSDOESNSW need to ban the bag?

Yes, definitely 83.12%

No, it’s not a problem 14.29%

I’m not really sure 2.6%

WERE you caught in the storm?

No 62.26%

Yes 37.74%

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