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IT must be a wonderful ability to have selective memory in your dreams Allan Morris (Letters, 2/11). For the last 65 years in NSW the ALP have governed for the majority of that time. Closer to home the ALP have held the NSW and federal seats around Newcastle almost exclusively. In all that time, as the Newcastle CBD declined and rotted away over the last 40-odd years, what has the ALP done for Newcastle? I have put all their achievements below my name. Please look closely.
Nanjing Night Net

Neville Morris,ValentineHDC’sMichael Cassel rightlycuts a lonely figure at Newcastle’s abandoned station (‘Night activity for station’, Newcastle Herald,2/11). Go nowhere ideas for the buried station.Here’s a policy for everything falling into place: Real Sydneyintercity coming right to thepeerless destination at the functionalstation, not the 65km/h trundlers, for humming activity, all around. Let’s have our cake and eat it too.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkTURNBULL delivering stable government: Deputy PM – gone, Senate President – gone, Nationals Deputy – gone, Leader of House Chris Pyne encourages Independent to run against his own party. What will next week bring?

Joe Roskell, CharlestownRECORD deficit federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, Thursday November 2 on ABC TV’s 7.30, telling Leigh Sales and viewers what a good job the federal government is doing and how united they all are.How refreshing. There is otherwise a current scarcity of good comedy.

Ronald Piper,East MaitlandLET’S all get together in our sunnier, less shaded neighborhoods and organise a ‘plant a tree in front of your house’ day. With summers only getting hotter, some shade for the streets would keep us all a bit cooler. Just a 2c thought.

Samuel Rogers, RedheadIF ever the federal government and the opposition stop their game of one-upmanship and political point scoring, maybe they will have time to do something positive for Australia, maybe, but with this current lot, I seriously doubt it.

Jim Gardiner, New LambtonAS one of the mere 40 per cent of Australian Australians who are entitled to sit in the Federal Parliament, I would gladly put my hand up and do the job for free, just to bring back some common sense.

Maree Eggleston,MerewetherI THINK Brian Roberts is optimistic regarding the trundlers (Letters, 3/11). I’ll give them five years and after the taxpayers compensate the operators the state government will have to buy it back at inflated prices. It means we pay three times. Once to travel on it, once for compo and again to buy it back.

Peter Grant,Speers PointTHE POLLSSHOULD shark nets be installed on our beaches?

Yes 53.45%,No 46.55%

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