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PAUL Scott is spot-on with his observations about movie goers (‘Novocastrians often make for obnoxious movie goers’,Newcastle Herald,30/10).He lists the very reasons why I stopped going to the cinema some years ago, no matter how good the movie might be. People with gargantuan appetites and loud mouths, constantly checking their iPhones, eating and talking non-stop, pushing their feet into the back of your seat, coughing incessantly when they obviously should be at home nursing their contagious virus. The list goes on. Any “atmosphere” the movie might have had is ruined.
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Kevin McDonald,East SeahamI BELIEVE the people of Newcastle, Upper Hunter and Central Coast are depending on the Labor Party who have the numbers on Newcastle councilnot to rezone the heavy rail corridor. It’s vital we itkeep for the future as the green house gasses are the highest level ever recorded. Building on the corridor cannot be justified.

Maureen O’Sullivan Davidson,SwanseaI KNOW Australia is a nation of aging people, but give me a break. Are you the same as me and sick to death (pardon the pun) of funeral and life insurance ads?If there isn’t enough garbage on TV, we have to be reminded about our mortality every eight minutes.

Ray Davidson,Birmingham GardensPOKER machines, like alcohol, are not addictive. It is the individual with an addictive personality that become addicted to these things. They should realise their problem and do something about it instead of blaming the people that make them available.

Steven Busch,TorontoAS a resident of Carrington, I totally support the comments expressed so well by John Butler (Letters, 27/10). The destruction of 18 mature trees is indeed mourned by the locals. Our once shady boulevard, with an eclectic mix of heritage buildings peeping out here and there, is now a hot wasteland. How is this kind of town planning allowed?

Anne Madden, CarringtonI FIND this dual citizenship thing strange. Considering Barnaby’s father became an Australian citizen in the ’70s, his NZ citizenship claim would be very tenuous. To me he’s just a scapegoat in an attempt to bring down the government by fair means or foul. The others brought down are just expendable to make it look legitimate.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca HeadsTHE point regarding Barnaby Joyce and dual citizenship seems to be lost on some. Yes he was born in Australia. Yes he is an Australian citizen. However the Constitution states you cannot have dual cititzenship. That is where Mr Joyce fell foul. The High Court got right, let it rest there.

Dennis Petrovic, RutherfordTHE POLLSWHAT do you think about Halloween?

It’s a bit of fun for one day of the year 47.42%,Not here, no way 39.18%,Best thing, ever13.4%WOULD you see Take That in Sydney?

Yes 15.6%,No 75.23%,I had tickets for Newcastle, but I won’t travel 9.17%

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