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AFTER looking at Friday’s Newcastle Herald it appears that saving the planet’s resources is not a viable economic option (‘What a waste’, 23/2) remember that while you are listening to the people in charge who want you to believe they are the solution to the problems we face because not enough has been done about recycling yet, and this issue will be a good gauge of how we are really going in this world.
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Geoff Starke,Macquarie HillsLATELY I’ve been up at Nobbys beach and when I have been driving out to come home the roads they’reworking on have closed, road detour, but that’s that. They give no more directions. Very confusing where to drive to get out of there. An accident waiting to happen–very dangerous.

Alan Ackroyd,HamiltonIF all politicians, media personalities and journalists who have had extra-marital affairs will now resign, the airwaves would be very sparse. Some would have to resign more than once. It’s time to bring back a relative of Oliver Cromwell to sort things out.

John Maxwell Hollingsworth,HamiltonCAN anybody deny who holds the real power in this country? The women of Australia have spoken. Let’s not hear anymore about female equality, they are already in control!

Garry Robinson,Mannering ParkWELL now Col and his hobby shop are gone, is there anything left in Newcastle worth visiting on the personal uni light rail (‘Frontline shifts flagship toy shop’, Herald,23/2)? What a joke state government and Newcastle City Council vandals.

DarrylHorne,WaratahMR Scott, before you bring in the removalists please consider the Broadmeadow Sports Complex to be constructed, so more traffic chaos (‘Frontline shifts flagship toy shop’,Herald,23/2).

Michael Casey,MerewetherI CAN’T wait for the tram line down Hunter Street to be finished so I can take a ride. There will be no shops left to visit, as they couldn’t survive the construction. The government was told this would happen. At least the ride will be stop free.

Graeme Bennett,Warners BayMOURNING parents of the victims killed in the shooting at a Florida school are pleading for stricter gun controls. And Donald Trump’s answer to that is to arm the school teachers. Apparently he is more concerned about the rights of the people who voted him into office than anyone who is a victim of these massacres.

Barry Reed,IslingtonMESSAGEBOARDBELMONT Neighbourhood Centre is hosting an Engaging Adolescents program.Learn strategies to improve parent/teen relationships. The four-session program for parents and carers is brought to you by Allambi Care andBelmont Neighbourhood Centre. When: March6 to 27.Time: 9:30am start.Where: 359 Pacific Highway, Belmont North.Cost: $20 for workbooks and light refreshments (Concessions available). Bookings: Call Michael on 0408 474 602.

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