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PHILOSOPHICAL Jeff Corbett, very philosophical (‘The failure of success’, Newcastle Herald, 4/11). Must be the age we now are and live in. I couldn’t agree more.
Nanjing Night Net

John Bradford, BeresfieldA QUOTEfrom our PMduring the week: “We have no place in our country for witch hunts”. May Iremind you, PM,your party has been conducting witch hunts into the union movement for years in this country?

Darryl Tuckwell, EleebanaWHATyoung boy in Scotland is going to grow up wanting to play rugby league after watching his country get belted by 70 points? If the World Cup is going to have any credibility in the future we need to promote the game better in the outposts. Why can’t we send marquee players into their competitions and also bring some of their potential players into our system?

Eddie Niszczot, ThorntonSUGGESTION:If our current or aspiring politicians are required to check theirnationality status before becoming candidates for parliament, and someapparently fail to do so, may I suggest that part of the election process shouldbe an IQ test.

Olga Parkes,New Lambton HeightsSURELY, now it must be time for our American friends to discuss gun control, but I’ll bet they don’t.How very, very sad.

John Lawton, BelmontBEFOREratepayers do the usual council bashing, do everyone a favour and check if the road is an RMS [Roads and Maritime Service] responsibility.

Peter Grant, Speers PointFORmost of my 60 years I have been aware of nuclear weapons and the paranoia that comes from them. This year we’ve seen North Korea, very provocatively, fire missiles over Japan. These rockets travelled near to Aomori,where the Japanese have stockpiled 47 tons of plutonium – enough to produce 6000 bombs. Apparently it was to be used as fuel in next gen reactors. The Japanese also have a re-processing plant capable of producing a further eighttons per year. Is this the cause of the “worry”shown by North Korea?

Geoff Melling, WindaleI HADthe misfortune of having to try and park in Scott Street yesterday, negotiating the mess that has been made for these residents and businesses. Instead I had to drop off the wife and drive around the block too many times. While doing this, one thing caught my eye –on the bend turning left towards Nobby’s the advertising has repeated many times:SYDNEY南京夜网. Hello, isn’t this damn race supposed to showcase Newcastle?

Mark Dultry, MerewetherTHE POLLSDOyou agree with the state-wide decision not to sell poppies on Remembrance Day this year?

No 88.54%; Yes 7.64%; Don’t care 3.82%

AREyou using the park and ride service?

I don’t work in the city 56.14%; No 26.32%; Yes 17.54%

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