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IN1962 I was a pupil midwife at Royal Newcastle Hospital when a baby boy was born in very unusual circumstances, at 5am on Tuesday, January 2. As the attending nurse, I have often wished I could make contact with him or his mother. I would like to to wish him a very happy birthday and a wonderful new year.
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Marjorie Entermann, Muirlea QLDPROFESSORTim Roberts rightly presses the need for a high standard of livingfor the world, that has a futureon a well-cared-for planet, (‘My wishes for 2018? Real solutions for the environment’, Herald,1/1). Unfortunately, it may prove to be only wishful thinking. The concept emerged more than 50 years ago. Look where we are. No mention of the benefit in maximising energy use. The background hereis, instead of maximising its role, weakeningthe nation’s leading trunk passenger rail corridor, Sydney toNewcastle.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin ParkTHE$70 million you mention, David Davies (Short Takes, 29/12) is a conservative estimate of what the government is really spending. Yes, it is taxpayers’ money, but the blame must go to our government because it chooses not to resettle refugees in either Australia or New Zealand. And the longer the government holds out on the issue, the less money there will be for the needs of all Australians.

Julie Robinson, CardiffTHEUniversity of California’sSchool of Education just about sums-up the bizarre world we now live in. What hope have our children got withthese typical do-gooders telling us that Lego now fuels sexism? Where on Earth are we heading? Happy new year to all the normal people out there and pray for the rest.

Brad Hill, SingletonWELLthe supermarkets have outdone themselves this time, with the stocking of hot cross buns before the end of 2017.

Ian Jackson,EdgeworthSINCEtime began, the conservatives have always attacked workers and their hard-won conditions. Abbott and the prince of the merchant bankers Turnbull have tried to erode these hard-won conditions by attacking sections of the trade union movement. With solidarity in the union movement, unions like CFMEU, MUA, AMWU and their membership will outlast these overpaid politicians –state and federal. Let’s start eroding their high salaries and perks.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal BaySURELYMinister Hunt has more to concern him in his own portfolio than law and order in Victoria.Once he has fixed the problems in health, improved funding for hospitals, unfrozen Medicare rebates for specialists, stopped a tax increase for poorer people (an increased Medicare Levy), then maybe he can start thinking about other issues.

Susie Johnson, AdamstownTHE POLLSCANthe Knights come back to win in 2018?

Yes:73%, Hard to say at this stage:18%, No:9%

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