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I WOULD like to issue an open invitation to lord mayor Nelmes, her spokesman Clausen and chief executive Bath to join me in my wheelchair at a time of your choosing to show me how easy it is to get changed (twice) in one of your delightful toilet cubicles at Nobbys beach pavilion, and if you are all agreeable a Newcastle Herald photographer can come and record it. By the way, does anyone else find it ironic the showers have been removed by a personnamed Bath?
Nanjing Night Net

Rick Johnson,Mount HuttonBECAUSE they could suffer irreparable damage to their health and could not be expected to play at their potentially high standards, players in the fifth test in Sydney and in the tennis tournaments around the country should not be allowed or expected to play, when ground and court temperatures reach the excessively high levels they did on Sunday last.

Ian Stewart,Elermore ValeOF all the trials and tribulations which bedevil us, the easiest of them all to be done away with should be theinjuries and deaths which occur in police chases, because the solution is in our own hands.So simple. Don’t run.

Ron Elphick,Buff PointCRICKET tragic …Arthur Day! “The Aussies will want to bat for Arthur Day!” “Oh! ‘Arfaday!?” as in ‘half a day”!! Right!

Winsome Lambkin,FloravilleWHAT a fantastic idea for the station Jan Caine (Letters, 8/1). I was discussing this exact topic with friends at the weekend including the fact there is nowhere for tourists to park to get information. Trouble is it makes sense so I believe Newcastle City Council won’t do it!

Sue Fower,WaratahHEY, I thought of a solution to stop all the intolerance, impatience and road rage on our roads – we just need a campaign to indoctrinate motorists into thinking that every other driver is their grandmother. Why stop there? Reduce speeding too by getting them to think their grandmother’s passenger is The Grim Reaper.

Robert Gibson,CharlestownI TRUST the inspectors checking if fishermen comply by wearing lifejackets will find time to check the dogs running on Jimmys beach, Port Stephens.International pictograph signs everywhere indicate ‘no dogs on the beach’, among other requests. About time council authorities actively enforced their threats regularly if they expect the public to comply.Perhaps there are too many signs? Or not enough regular fines being handed out?

Ian Jurd,Tea GardensPLEASE, can you and your journalists lead the way? Please, please, please let’s have no more Trump. Many thanks.

Kevin Doherty, MuswellbrookTHE POLLSDO you think painkillers containing codeine should be banned from over-the-counter sales?

No 80.47%,Yes 11.72%,It’s complicated 7.81%

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