Pulver and Clyne are ‘disgraceful’: Jones fumes at Rugby Australia

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Alan Jones has labelled the performances of Rugby Australia chief executive Bill Pulver and chairman Cameron Clyne as “disgraceful” after comments the pair made to Fairfax Media last week about not needing to promote the weekend’s Barbarians game against the Wallabies.
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Late last week, Jones expressed his anger that Rugby Australia (formerly the Australian Rugby Union), had not planned to organise match-day programs for the Barbarians fixture.

Asked for comment, Clyne and Pulver explained the match was not Rugby Australia’s to organise.

“There’s a bit of a misunderstanding, it’s not our game,” Clyne said. “It’s a Barbarians game, they invite us to play. It’s not our game to promote, it’s theirs to promote. It wasn’t even supposed to be here. Our job is to put a team on the field.”

“This is effectively an away game for us,” Pulver added, before making it known the match had been promoted on the Wallabies social media channels in the lead-up.

Speaking on his 2GB morning show on Monday, Jones went all guns blazing at Clyne and Pulver for what he believed was a lack of respect from Rugby Australia.

“Mr Pulver and Mr Clyne, your performance was disgraceful and continues to be disgraceful,” Jones said. “Go, for God’s sake, and relieve us of this tedium of indifference and inefficiency.

“If this was the best that rugby can do, it ought to hand over to others who can do better.

“The defence from Pulver and Cameron Clyne, still chairman and wasting our money with lawyers before a Senate inquiry into Australian rugby, what was the argument? It wasn’t their problem.

“Well Mr Clyne, in case you’re dumb as well as duplicitous, let me tell our listeners a few things. You were paid $1.6 million for the game. If it wasn’t a home game for you, why did your team, the Wallabies, take the home dressing room?

“What did Clyne and Pulver say, ‘it’s just our job to put a team on the field … it’s not our game to promote’. So the Australian Rugby Union are not here to promote rugby? Not here to promote what took place?

“The rugby union might not like me saying what it is but I’m echoing the sentiments of hundreds of people who have written to me,” Jones said.

The SCG Trust helped out at the last minute to put together a program for the match.

Jones used his post-match press conference to let off some steam at Rugby Australia and a referee he said was out of his depth.

He said the lack of contact from those in Australian rugby was the most insulting thing about the week.

“If visiting rugby dignitaries associated with such a prestigious body as the Barbarians, the oldest rugby entity in the world ??? surely if they come to this country they’re entitled to a little respect like a phone call, a welcome, a drink, a cup of tea,” Jones said.

“I can understand why I’ve had none of those from Australian rugby. I have had no contact with anyone in Australian rugby since I was offered the job to coach the Barbarians. Nor a ‘how do you do?’ or even ‘thank you’.

“I wasn’t being paid for what I did except that the good people here [2GB] provided me with leave and I was paid while I was away. I was just trying to get people through the turnstiles.

“The only people playing some game are the mob who are currently before a Senate inquiry costing rugby a fortune and the mob who banished the Western Force and they were the people who didn’t believe it was their responsibility to promote the game, just take the dough. Take the $1.6 million.”

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