Jarryd Hayne’s Facebook post about Newcastle blokePHOTOS

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Jarryd Hayne’s Facebook post about Newcastle bloke | PHOTOS Jarryd Hayne’s Facebook post about Matt and Ray Shipway.
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Matt Shipway scoring a try for the USA against Fiji. Picture: AAP/Michael Chambers.

Jarryd Hayne playing for Fiji against the USA.

Sonny Bill Williams in action for the Kiwis. Picture: AAP/Dan Peled.

TweetFacebook The Hayne Plane’s Facebook post.Jarryd Hayne has a lot of followers on Facebook.

So when the rugby league star, who’sknown as the“Hayne Plane”,reposted a message from a bloke named Ray Shipway, lots of people took notice.

Rayis the brother of Matt Shipway –a 32-year-old Merewether tilerwho plays forSouth Newcastle. At the moment, he’s playing for the USA intheRugby League World Cup.Hequalifies toplay for the USA because his mum was born there.

A few years back, Matt was nicknamed the“Red-haired Sonny”–a joking reference to Sonny Bill Williams, theKiwi footy legend.

Anyhow Ray sent a Facebookmessage to Jarryd Hayne,before Mattlined up for the USA against Hayne’sFiji side on Saturday.

The message went like this [wegenerouslycleaned up theFacebook-style punctuation and grammar]:“Hello MrHayne, congratulations on your recent selection for Fiji for the upcoming game against USA. I would like to bring to your attention a certain player nicknamed Red-haired Sonny. He is the number 12 for USA, weighs 102kg and stands at an impressive 195cm, studied engineering at UCLA, was drafted to the Cleveland Browns where he learnt some impressive agility and power skills, before making the dramatic switch to rugby league. [Ray was pulling Jarryd’s leg here. None of thisistrue, except that Mattis number 12 for the USA]”.

Ray’s message continued:“Be wary Mr Hayne, he is a destroyer and will do anything to win. Squirrelgrips [this relates to testicles], hoppas [this relates to John Hopoate] and eye-gouging are normal for this man-mountain. I would consider tearing a hammy in the warm up. Have a good day”.

The Hayne Plane reposted the message to Facebook, with this comment:“This was too funny not to post. Thanks for the tip, I appreciate you @rayshipway”.

Ray told Topics thatJarryd’srepost shows he’s a“quality bloke”.

“Guess he takes the time to look at his messages,” Ray said.

As for the message itself, Ray joked:“I just thought I’d warn him about my brother, that’s all”.

Ray watched the match in a pub at Alice Springs over a couple of beers. Fiji beat the USA 58-12 and Matt scored his side’s firsttry.

Ray willbe at Townsville Stadium on Sunday to watch his brother’snext match for theUSAagainst Italy.

“I’ll try and get a photo with the Red-haired Sonny,”he said.

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