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WITHall the controversy over the Nobby’s new change areas out in the open, would a person be charged with obscene exposure by the police if found to be naked in this area? Maybe we need a few nudists to drive the point home or even better still a couple of readers like Steve Barnett and Brad Hill could meet up and take a selfie for the Herald.
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Neil Meyers, Warners BayGARYEdman (Short takes, 4/1) – business is booming, half of Sydney is here. After 35 years in the trade I know what a prime carcass looks like, the rumps on some of the visitors suggest too much time at the feed lot, instead of casual grazing in a good paddock. Remember chicks dig butchers.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayMRBath the community would like to see copy of report of the public consultation support of removal of change rooms (Nobby’s toilet trouble’, Herald, 3/1). You can provide this report no doubt.

Michael Casey, MerewetherTHEtrouble with spin is that most of it insults your intelligence. With Newcastle council, it’s either spin or Sir Joh’s “don’t you worry about that now”. A quick inspection of the ocean baths and Newcastle Beach on Thursdayrevealed separate sex, community change rooms that have been there for many decades. How many complaints are on council’s records?

Keith Parsons, NewcastleJUNEPorter (Short takes, 4/1):Joseph, Mary and Jesus were indeed refugees. The gospel of Matthew, chapter twosays that King Herod felt threatened when told that a baby, the Anointed One, was to be born in Bethlehem. He ordered all male infants under two years to be put to death. Meanwhile, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to take the child and his mother to Egypt. The family remained in Egypt until Herod’s death.

Julie Robinson, CardiffMAYI suggest that a solution to the missing change rooms in the Nobby’s Surf Club pavilion could be achieved quickly, to reverse the current inconvenience to bathers and lessen the embarrassment to MayorNelmes, Deputy MayorClausenand new CEOMr Bath, if they dipped into the huge pot of money generated for the council by the overwhelmingly successful Supercars event andsimply put back the public change rooms that the people need.

Allan Burke, MerewetherFIRSTof all Newcastle council supported taking the train away from the beach. Then they put a racing car track through the back so we now have enough tarmac for a small airport. Now they’ve taken the change rooms away. How much did all this cost? By the way, I liked the old light posts that allowed pelicans to perch. Have any councillors ever been to the beach?

Craig Gardiner, WallsendIf lifejackets become mandatory who is going to check fisherman are wearing them?

Sue Fower, Waratah

MYER AFR 070327 PIC BY JESSICA SHAPIRO… GENERIC Myer, department store, Bourke St, Lonsdale St, consumer, customer, retail, sale, shopping, consumer, revamp… AFR FIRST USE ONLY PLEASE!!! SPECIALX 63150Myer’s incoming chairman has warned that letting billionaire rag trader Solomon Lew into the company’s boardroom would be “enormously damaging”, and is calling on shareholders to instead back an “independent” Myer.
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Returning fire after weeks of attacks from Mr Lew’s Premier Investments, Garry Hounsell sent a letter to investors on Monday saying Mr Lew’s only objective was to pursue his own interests, not those of all Myer’s shareholders.

It came as Premier ratcheted up its campaign against Myer’s board by claiming it may have failed to keep the market informed about its trading performance, and raising the prospect of legal action.

Premier is Myer’s largest shareholder with a 10.8 per cent stake and has been agitating for positions on the retailer’s board, which it says lacks retail experience and is mishandling the business.

Mr Hounsell acknowledged shareholders’ disappointment and frustration with Myer’s share price, which has fallen 74 per cent since 2013, and appreciated “the attraction of a company that promises to change Myer’s fortunes”.

However, accepting Premier’s request for board seats was a risk because the company is both a competitor and a supplier to Myer, he said.

Premier owns Peter Alexander, which has concessions in Myer stores, as well as the Just Group, Portman and Jaqcui E brands, while other companies linked to Mr Lew are major suppliers of branded and private label products to Myer and other department stores.

“It should go without saying that the potential risks in allowing a competitor into our boardroom where we discuss highly sensitive matters such as performance and strategy would be enormously damaging and against the best interests of Myer shareholders,” Mr Hounsell said.

Premier has called on shareholders to join it in voting against the election of Myer’s nominees at its annual general meeting on November 24, including Mr Hounsell, and has threatened to call its own shareholder meeting to appoint two of its own directors and an independent non-executive director to the Myer board.

Mr Hounsell’s letter said giving Premier the board seats it has asked for would result in a 10.8 per cent shareholder controlling 43 per cent of the non-executive board seats. Premier was trying to gain control of Myer without paying shareholders a takeover premium, he said.

“As your independent directors we have an obligation and duty to work in the best interests of all shareholders,” Mr Hounsell said. “Premier and Mr Lew’s objective is to pursue its self-interests which by virtue of its conflicts cannot be aligned with Myer’s.” ‘Poor disclosure’, legal threats

In its latest missive, Premier on Monday said it was concerned the market was trading Myer shares “on an uninformed basis” because of deficient disclosure.

Myer is holding an investor day on Wednesday, where it is speculated it could release information about the performance of the “New Myer” strategy and could change the targets set out in the plan.

Premier said any update Myer planned to release on Wednesday should be announced as soon as it became available to the company’s management and board.

“Until that information is released, Premier believes that the market has been, and is, trading on an uninformed basis,” Premier said in a statement.

The company said on Monday it was “carefully considering its legal and other options in order to bring about urgently needed change to ensure that Myer shares are trading in an informed market”.

A spokesperson for Premier would not detail what legal options the company had available to it.

An spokesman for the Australian Stock Exchange that it was monitoring developments as a matter of course and that “at this stage, there’s no trigger for us to enquire about disclosure”.

Premier, a publicly listed company in which Mr Lew has a controlling stake, also repeated its call for Myer to release its first-quarter sales results.

Without this information, Myer shareholders would not be able to assess the “New Myer” turnaround plan, or make an informed vote on the election of new directors to the board, Premier said.

Premier said Myer had a poor track record of market disclosure, and that it believed it had been misled into buying $100 million of shares in March. The value of those shares have since fallen by more than $30 million.

Myer is two years into its five-year turnaround strategy but has been lagging behind the plan’s targets. That includes sales growth tracking at an average of 0.1 per cent a year instead of 3 per cent, and sales per square metre growing at 3.7 per cent compared with a 20 per cent target.

Mr Hounsell also used his letter to shareholders to spruik his experience managing successful turnarounds at business such as Qantas and Treasury Wine Estates.

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PAUL Scott is spot-on with his observations about movie goers (‘Novocastrians often make for obnoxious movie goers’,Newcastle Herald,30/10).He lists the very reasons why I stopped going to the cinema some years ago, no matter how good the movie might be. People with gargantuan appetites and loud mouths, constantly checking their iPhones, eating and talking non-stop, pushing their feet into the back of your seat, coughing incessantly when they obviously should be at home nursing their contagious virus. The list goes on. Any “atmosphere” the movie might have had is ruined.
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Kevin McDonald,East SeahamI BELIEVE the people of Newcastle, Upper Hunter and Central Coast are depending on the Labor Party who have the numbers on Newcastle councilnot to rezone the heavy rail corridor. It’s vital we itkeep for the future as the green house gasses are the highest level ever recorded. Building on the corridor cannot be justified.

Maureen O’Sullivan Davidson,SwanseaI KNOW Australia is a nation of aging people, but give me a break. Are you the same as me and sick to death (pardon the pun) of funeral and life insurance ads?If there isn’t enough garbage on TV, we have to be reminded about our mortality every eight minutes.

Ray Davidson,Birmingham GardensPOKER machines, like alcohol, are not addictive. It is the individual with an addictive personality that become addicted to these things. They should realise their problem and do something about it instead of blaming the people that make them available.

Steven Busch,TorontoAS a resident of Carrington, I totally support the comments expressed so well by John Butler (Letters, 27/10). The destruction of 18 mature trees is indeed mourned by the locals. Our once shady boulevard, with an eclectic mix of heritage buildings peeping out here and there, is now a hot wasteland. How is this kind of town planning allowed?

Anne Madden, CarringtonI FIND this dual citizenship thing strange. Considering Barnaby’s father became an Australian citizen in the ’70s, his NZ citizenship claim would be very tenuous. To me he’s just a scapegoat in an attempt to bring down the government by fair means or foul. The others brought down are just expendable to make it look legitimate.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca HeadsTHE point regarding Barnaby Joyce and dual citizenship seems to be lost on some. Yes he was born in Australia. Yes he is an Australian citizen. However the Constitution states you cannot have dual cititzenship. That is where Mr Joyce fell foul. The High Court got right, let it rest there.

Dennis Petrovic, RutherfordTHE POLLSWHAT do you think about Halloween?

It’s a bit of fun for one day of the year 47.42%,Not here, no way 39.18%,Best thing, ever13.4%WOULD you see Take That in Sydney?

Yes 15.6%,No 75.23%,I had tickets for Newcastle, but I won’t travel 9.17%

REGARDING the unit plan for Adamstown (‘Unit plan for Adamstown Motel site’, Newcastle Herald, 6/1).At the moment there are numerous families living here under government emergency housing plans, some for over 12 months. Where will these people go and what becomes of social housing issue? This should be high priority on local council’sradar and not filling their own pockets.
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Michael Casey,MerewetherYOU are a very funny man Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 29/12/17). What I don’t get is how you know those “monstrous bums” are from Sydney. When I go to the beach I make a point of swimming near those big’uns in the hope any shark cruising by has already had its appetiser.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthSPLENDID idea Neil Meyers (Short Takes, 6/1). Not sure, however, if the public is ready for a butcher and a barman to shock the public with anatomy. That’s not for the faint-hearted. The long and short of it, indecent exposure would be given a whole new meaning.

Brad Hill,SingletonCRAIG Gardiner (Short Takes, 6/1) please do not mention that there is enough tarmac near Nobbys beach for a small airport. That may lead to tenders being called to build a small airport there. It would have to be closed each November though.

Meryl Pickles,Macquarie HillsWHAT a fabulous, brave young woman you are Kassandra Long (‘I was told I was wrong’, Herald,6/1).But how can he only get eight years and able to be reduced? Let him rot in jail, I say!

Sandra Mercer,Elermore ValeIN regards to the land and housing NSW Housing is looking to flog off to the highest bidder in Light Street: I think this puts a lower value on these people and enforces the view that they are treated differently. Considering they have been created and allowed to fester into the crime-riddled social disaster ghetto housing estates, will NSW Housing be held accountable? I’m still waiting for review regarding what I would call the fire death traps that these buildings are.

Mark Sheerin,Hamilton SouthTO Brad Hill, don’t blame Dan Kirkpatrick for his views (Short Takes, 8/1). The north Karuah-ns have become hermits since progress forced the highway to bypass North Karuah. I think people like Dan have been brainwashed into believing in the green gods and can’t come to terms with the fact mining is good for humanity.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayDIDTony Troughear really see ants absconding with his toenail clippings (‘Tony’s toenails’, HeraldTopics,8/1), or had he been assessing some brews with a little too much enthusiasm? You can’t trust photographic evidence these days.

Reg Howes,ValentineTHE POLLSSHOULD lifejackets be mandatory for rock fishers?

Yes 72.87%,No 27.13%

NOW the crowing has subsided, it may be time to draw the attention of all genuine cricket tragicsto a little-publicised act of grace.When Mitch Marsh reached his superb hundred, English keeper Johnny Bairstow, himself a centurion, stood at his stumps and clapped his gloves together high, as long as the applause went on.That kind of camaraderie is what made the game great and one hopes this will keep it so.
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DonaldMatthews,Fennell BayIT’S actually a very simple scenario for the federal government.If the Catholic Church does not want to follow all 189 recommendations set forward by the royal commission (especially the reporting of instances of child abuse during confession and the making of celibacy optional for clergy) they should not be able to practice religion in this country,and should be stripped of all financial assets in Australia.

Karl Hogg,Warners BayI DON’T think that when the “right to freedom of religion” was put into the constitution that it was meant to encompass religions that turned into large successful billion-dollar businesses and give them a free pass on not paying their rightful share of taxation. Nor, as is happening now, being able to opt out of paying their share of compensation to victims of horrendous abuse on children in their institutions. It’s time Australia took its selective rose-colored glasses off and faced up to what is actually right and wrong, good or bad for the country and what is driven by ancient ideology or political agenda.

Allan Earl, ThorntonJUST a shout out to the good people at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Shortland. Had to have an emergency procedure Monday night which involved an overnight stay. I cannot fault the great care I received from everyone involved. Thanks also to Dr Routley for fitting me in.

Tony Morley,WaratahPARKING problems these days have become right up there with traffic congestion as a burr under the public saddle, yet while we all blame everybody else and somebody should do something about it but nobody does, all the time we are the culprits ourselves. You and me, the whole grumpy lot of us, we don’t just have a problem, we are the problem. Good luck with that and happy motoring. Ho, ho, ho.

Ron Elphick,Buff PointOH well, summer is here again and the hypocrites are at it already, the cry goes out the hottest day since whenever I can recall. When I was a boy the same scenario the big difference being that the do-gooders and hypocrites were not yet invented, oh how things have changed. Time for a coldie, a BBQ and to enjoy the summer months. Cheers to the normal people and merry Christmas.

Brad Hill,SingletonTHE POLLSHAVE you ever had to deal with angry customers at work?

Yes 97.33%,No 2.67%SHOULD Herman Ese’ese be granted a regular starting spot with the Knights?

Wait and see 60.36%,Absolutely 35.5%,No 4.14%