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I READ with interest your article on the dinosaur exhibition (‘Prehistoric beasts on show’, Newcastle Herald,28/10). I remember taking my granddaughter to a dinosaur exhibition about eight years ago, I think. I presume this one has more prehistoric animals than the last one. Can anyone remember when exactly the last exhibition was on? Looking forward to taking other grandkids to this one. It should be a great show.
Nanjing Night Net

Maria McAlden, MerewetherJULIE Bishop, to be acting PM. As Paul Keating would say, God help us.

Richard Ryan, Summerland PointIN singling out only early white settlers as the inflictors of terrible abuse on Aboriginal women, Kay Duffy (Letters, 28/10) might consider reading Captain Tench’s diaries (1788-1791) and the well-documented evidence of the barbaric and cultural abuse of Aboriginal women at the hands of Aboriginal men during the early days of white settlement and before the introduction alcohol, which today is regarded as the main cause of violence against Aboriginal women.

Yvonne Thompson, Brandy HillAND the high Court will so hold. Missed again Malcolm. Something to remember: “He who gets carried away with his own importance often never has far to walk back.”

Darryl Tuckwell, EleebanaI THOUGHT Alan Earl was a little unfair in his comments about our homeland security in his letter (Letters, 28/11).There are dozens of convicted extremists in Australian prisons whose plans to kill or maim our fellow countrymen have been thwarted by our security services over recent years. Their painstaking work in tracking the movements and communications of possible suspects deserves the highest praise rather than scornful criticism.

David Stuart, MerewetherIT strikes me as strange, that no one seems to complain about anything other than energy (electricity and gas) bills. In Tea Gardens, the water bill exceeds the electricity bill by around 25 per cent, yet I’ve n’er heard a word of complaint.The ‘access charge’ is around three times more than the usage – and, up here, bottled water is the main drinking water because a lot of people can’t stomach the tap water. The government needs to investigate this, too.

Robert Suker, Tea GardensI’M not a fan of Channel Nine’s The Block. The programbores me. But, if they made a bid for the Old Newcastle Post Office, something might actually happen there.

Lee Craddock, Warners BayTHE POLLSHAVE you ever tried Hunter Valley semillon?

Yes 76.67%,No 23.33%MESSAGEBOARDTHE Lysaght’s Annual ladies reunion will be held on Friday, November 24 from noon at West Leagues Club in New Lambton. It is requested that those attending please bring with them a gift to the value of $10 for a “Secret Santa”. For further information about the event contact Jan Wrightson on 4955 9861 or Pam Ellen on 4955 8241.

ANinteresting name for a ship in the Shipping News today [Thursday], among other interesting names was one “KING COAL”. Very fitting for Newcastle Port.
Nanjing Night Net

Fred Saunders,Waratah WestERWINZehentner has a good point: how can people get ahead without full-time work (Letters, 3/1)?The sad thing is politicians get paid full-time even though their brains only go to work part time, if at all.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayREADINGPeter Dolan’s letter (Letters, 3/1) brought to mind the idea that there are two groups that tend to get things wrong, those who make science their religion, that is the anti-religionists, and those that make religion their science,the fundamentalists.

John Brattan, ThorntonGREATresult Jets. You will beat them when it counts (‘Undermanned Jets show they’re the real deal’, Herald, 4/1).

Bill Slicer, Tighes HillMR Bath mentions in the Heraldinappropriate behaviour in change sheds, and can he provide proof of community consolidation of removing sheds (‘Nobby’s toilet trouble’, Herald, 3/1)?

Life savers informedcouncil of consequences! Do councillors respond like politicians and tell furphies when their backs are to the wall?

Michael Casey, MerewetherWHILST I would be inclined to vote ‘yes’to Australiabecoming a republic, the details are important to me. If I’m reading ‘Labor rejects republic poll’(Herald, 3/1)correctly, Labor’s policy is for us to vote ‘yes’ and trust them to decide on the details later. That would be a NO from me.

Dave McTaggart, EdgeworthERNIEMerrick for president, John Maxwell Hollingsworth (Short takes, 4/1). Has sharp wit like Paul Keating, convinces police not to press charges for the theft of three points and psyched opposition players to settle for a draw before the contest.

Rocco De Grandis, Cameron ParkPETERDevey and Carl Stevenson(Letters, 4/1):whether coal-fired power stations are built is a matter for the private sector. Power stations need to be economic for 50 years. BHP thinks this isn’t the case. So, the big Australianis reviewing its membership of the Minerals Council,World Coal Associationand US Chamber of Commerce, which promote coal investment. The uneconomic outlook explains Australian banks’ policyto end coal investment.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin ParkPETERDevey (Letters, 4/1) the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are higher than ever before, yes, ever.

Every year is hotter than the last, all this since the industrial revolution, all facts, and contrary to what you state, and there is loads of evidencethat storms are far more frequent and severe. So let’s do nothing about it, keep on burning CO2 producing fossil fuels to provide energy to a selfish out of control species, and let’s sit back and watch it all burn, what a show. Yep I’m over sceptics.

Dan Kirkpatrick, Karuah

I TOTALLY agree with Jan Caine regarding Halloween (Letters, 1/11) and, whilst on the subject of commercialism, why do we need Christmas decorations in October? Surely December 1 would be soon enough?
Nanjing Night Net

Sue Fower,WaratahA SLEEP deprivation study showed 17 to 19 hours with no sleep is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.05. Yet I believe NSW emergency services are working 24-hour on duty shift rosters. Clearly this certainly is not the best and most efficient emergency services for the communities within NSW. Premier Berejiklian must explain why.

Name suppliedWELCOME back Jeff Corbett. I’ve missed you. The sad thing is that many of the current readers of your column misunderstand your wicked sense of humour and how much you have always enjoyed ‘stirring the pot’. Sadly we are living in a world where political correctness has stifled satire. Looking forward to your next column.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherTHE result of the most awesome display of dogged determination and self belief came to fruition on Saturday night at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. After turning down a scholarship to play baseball in America, a young Jason Doyle set his sights on being a professional Speedway rider. Sixteen years of relentless sacrifice, travel, competition, injuries and visa hassles were put behind him when he became the World Speedway Champion. Despite having 14 screws holding his right foot together, Doyle pulled on his boots and was merciless in destroying his opposition, wrapping up the title in round three and then going on to win the final from behind in emphatic style. Jason Doyle, take a bow, you’re a credit to your family and the sport of Speedway and you are a fine ambassador for our town and our nation, ‘Go Doyley’

Bub Phillips,BeresfieldTO John Butler (Short takes, 27/10): I may stand corrected but if my memory is correct the 18 “heritage” trees referred to removed on Carrington would be approx 25 years old. Most residents of my vintage could see no sense in growing trees on a main street. Their thoughts were proven correct when many of thesetrees caused problems as forecast, blocked drains, overflowing gutters, footpaths damaged and falls to the elderly and the unwary. On consultation with residents it was decided by council that trees more suitable will replace and enhance Mount Street and footpaths attended to. I can assure John Butler that innocence and beauty of the island has not been torn from its heart. It remaining embedded in the very bones of it to residents. Those most fortunate to reside here.

Neil Pitt,Carrington PAUL Nicol (Letters, 31/10) suggests that part of the rail corridor should be used for parking. Why not tar the lot and Supercars can race there too?

Lynne Jones,IslingtonTHE POLLSSHOULD food and drink be banned at the movies?

Yes 24.54%, No way 75.46%

NOW the crowing has subsided, it may be time to draw the attention of all genuine cricket tragicsto a little-publicised act of grace.When Mitch Marsh reached his superb hundred, English keeper Johnny Bairstow, himself a centurion, stood at his stumps and clapped his gloves together high, as long as the applause went on.That kind of camaraderie is what made the game great and one hopes this will keep it so.
Nanjing Night Net

DonaldMatthews,Fennell BayIT’S actually a very simple scenario for the federal government.If the Catholic Church does not want to follow all 189 recommendations set forward by the royal commission (especially the reporting of instances of child abuse during confession and the making of celibacy optional for clergy) they should not be able to practice religion in this country,and should be stripped of all financial assets in Australia.

Karl Hogg,Warners BayI DON’T think that when the “right to freedom of religion” was put into the constitution that it was meant to encompass religions that turned into large successful billion-dollar businesses and give them a free pass on not paying their rightful share of taxation. Nor, as is happening now, being able to opt out of paying their share of compensation to victims of horrendous abuse on children in their institutions. It’s time Australia took its selective rose-colored glasses off and faced up to what is actually right and wrong, good or bad for the country and what is driven by ancient ideology or political agenda.

Allan Earl, ThorntonJUST a shout out to the good people at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Shortland. Had to have an emergency procedure Monday night which involved an overnight stay. I cannot fault the great care I received from everyone involved. Thanks also to Dr Routley for fitting me in.

Tony Morley,WaratahPARKING problems these days have become right up there with traffic congestion as a burr under the public saddle, yet while we all blame everybody else and somebody should do something about it but nobody does, all the time we are the culprits ourselves. You and me, the whole grumpy lot of us, we don’t just have a problem, we are the problem. Good luck with that and happy motoring. Ho, ho, ho.

Ron Elphick,Buff PointOH well, summer is here again and the hypocrites are at it already, the cry goes out the hottest day since whenever I can recall. When I was a boy the same scenario the big difference being that the do-gooders and hypocrites were not yet invented, oh how things have changed. Time for a coldie, a BBQ and to enjoy the summer months. Cheers to the normal people and merry Christmas.

Brad Hill,SingletonTHE POLLSHAVE you ever had to deal with angry customers at work?

Yes 97.33%,No 2.67%SHOULD Herman Ese’ese be granted a regular starting spot with the Knights?

Wait and see 60.36%,Absolutely 35.5%,No 4.14%

THE lack of empathy and sensitivity of some Novocastrians is breath taking. I believe the East End residents, by courtesy of the Newcastle City Council and Supercars, have been traumatised. For many residents it has been a very tough year. I believe many residents will have lasting negative effects, including both financial and personal. Less than a week after the Supercars debacle, another group wants to “use” the East End. This time it is the runners, admittedly a lot less toxic event than Supercars, but nevertheless it does have the possibility ofanother mass invasion. Iurge all Novocastrians tobe aware of what the rest of us, by agreeing to Supercars,have done to the East End and its residents. Leave the East Endalone so they can rebuild their lives.I believe they have had enough.
Nanjing Night Net

Henry Wellsmore, Carey BayI’M sure the ratepayers of Newcastle would be happy to supply the council with a list of things they’d like $1.6 million spent on, it wouldn’t be a Ferris wheel or a fountain. I’ll start the list with a request for repairs to the damaged and uneven pavements in my area which are a trip hazard.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherI FIND it humorous when the religious regime says same sex marriage would undermine the sanctity of marriage. Heterosexual marriage has been doing just that for many years, with murder, child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. A great deal of damage to love has been done by making a sin of it by these so called Christians.

Richard Ryan, Summerland PointREADING and watching the media I’ve come to the conclusion that the abusers of women actually despise women, not just exploit them (‘Cleaning up the mess’, HeraldWeekender,2/12). They seem to display contempt and hatred, it’s more than just sexualised behaviour. I’m sure a psychologist could explain this obsessive behaviour.

Mary Bourke, WestonAS Donald Trump continues to back himself into a corner and putting millions of people in unnecessary harm’s way with his school yard taunts and threats to North Korea, I believe it is the obligation of journalists, that when publishing headline news casts of his latest threats, also add what the consequences of such a preemptive action he threatens with, would have on millions of people in Seoul, Tokyo and North East Asia where tens of thousands of US personnel are stationed. The threat of terrorism would be a tea party compared to how the world would be changed forever if such politically irresponsible threats were – one way or the other – triggered. It is in no one’s interest to egg this bloke on.

Allan Earl,ThorntonTHE POLLSWILL you use the new McDonald’s home delivery service?

Yes 63%, No 37%MESSAGEBOARDTHE Belmont View Club will meet on Wednesday, December 13, from 10.30am at Central Charlestown Leagues Club.New members and visitors are most welcome to attend. For more information, please phone 4951 1524.